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Oxygenics Evolution Hand Held
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People are shocked when I say I have been showering our baby since week 2.  Week 1 saw...
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Evolution Hand Held

The Oxygenics Evolution gives high-tech showering a whole new meaning 4 pressurized spray settings coupled with a revolutionary push button spray selection system and rotating oval head design bring it to the forefront of showerhead engineering. This showerhead incorporates innovative technology and cutting-edge features to deliver a made-to-order shower experience. Push Button Spray Selection Switching between sprays has never been easier. The push button spray selection system makes toggling between spray settings as easy as a click of a button. Rotating Oval Head Design The oval head creates a wider spray than standard showerheads and the adjustable face enables the option to switch between a long or wide spray orientation. Pressure Boosting Technology Increased water velocity + air induction = MORE PRESSURE. The patented design ensures an invigorating pressurized shower spray regardless of water pressure. Saves Water and Money The Oxygenics Evolution uses up to 70% less water compared to industry leading brands. Each showerhead can save thousands of gallons of water per year which means significant energy and money savings. No Clogging or Maintenance Required The internal components are made of Delrin - a material similar to Teflon which increases durability and eliminates clogging, mineral build-up and corrosion. Say goodbye to cleaning and maintenance! The Oxygenics Evolution comes with a lifetime performance warranty against clogging. It's guaranteed not to clog EVER.

Price: $89.99
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